How to Make a Gaming Website With WordPress

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Do you want to learn how to use WordPress to create a gaming website?

The popularity of video games has never been higher. You may build a gaming community, start a popular gaming blog, and even make a side income with your own gaming website.

We’ll teach you how to build a gaming website with WordPress without any technical knowledge in this tutorial.

What Do You Need to Create a WordPress Gaming Website?

To create a game website using WordPress, you’ll need the following items.

  1. A web address (This will be the name of your website that people type to find your site online e.g.
  2. A web hosting account (where the files for your website will be stored)
  3. A WordPress theme is number three (This will control how your site looks and functions)
  4. Useful WordPress add-ons (This is how you’ll add the gaming features you’ll need.)
  5. An SSL certificate is required if you want to sell items or add Twitch feeds to your website.
  6. One hour of your full attention

It’s completely feasible to construct a gaming website in under an hour, depending on the sort of website you’re creating. We’ll take you step by step through the entire procedure.

We’ll go through the following topics in this tutorial:

  • There are several sorts of gaming websites that you may create.
  • How to obtain a no-cost domain name
  • How to Select the Most Appropriate Website Hosting
  • How to select the most appropriate WordPress game theme
  • How can WordPress gaming plugins help you improve your site?
  • The best tools for growing your gaming website

That being said, let’s get started.

Step 0: What Type of WordPress Gaming Site Do You Want to Create?

There’s nothing better than becoming active in the space if you enjoy video games.

Gaming blogs and websites serve a vast community of gamers searching for information on the newest games, consoles, gear, events, and other topics.

What types of game websites are possible with WordPress?

  • A gaming forum devoted to your favourite game
  • A gaming review website as well as a news blog
  • A website with easy and entertaining online games.
  • A gaming-related website that offers items.

Step 1: Selecting an Appropriate Website Platform

To begin, you must select the appropriate website builder, and because you are reading this, you are on the correct route.

WordPress is what you’ll want to utilise. However, because there are two versions of WordPress software with the same name, it’s simple to get them mixed up.

The first is, which is a blog hosting service. The second is, which is WordPress’s self-hosted version.

Because it provides you greater flexibility, control, and access to all WordPress features, we recommend utilising the self-hosted version.

Step 2: Selecting the Most Appropriate WordPress Gaming Theme

After you’ve set up your WordPress site, the following step is to choose the best WordPress game theme.

When looking for the finest WordPress game theme, you’ll find a number of options that include gaming-related features straight out of the box.

Despite the fact that it may appear to be a smart idea, you should avoid utilising these themes.

You don’t need a gaming-specific WordPress theme.

The majority of gaming WordPress themes are bloated and will force you to use them indefinitely. When trying to add new features to your site, you can run into compatibility difficulties.

Step 3: Installing the Right WordPress Gaming Plugins

Then, with WordPress gaming plugins, you may extend the functionality of your website.

For your WordPress site, plugins are similar to applications. They provide you the ability to add a variety of features to your website. For WordPress, there are over 58,000 free plugins.

What gaming elements can you incorporate into WordPress?

  • Reviews of video games in depth
  • A gaming community forum
  • Visitors can play real-time games through Twitch video streaming.
  • Selling video game-related items

We hope this article helped you make a gaming website with WordPress.

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