Avoid These 5 Graphic and Web Design Mistakes

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If your website is struggling or failing, or you’re getting ready to launch your first company website, the following tips can help you avoid some of the common blunders.

Fancy Fonts

People who are looking for anything on the internet frequently browse rapidly. A website with an excessively ornate typeface may be quickly abandoned. You may accidentally put folks off if your material is difficult to read due to font, size, or colour.

This is something you should discuss with your graphic design or web design specialist. They’ll almost certainly be able to provide suggestions that look great and go nicely with your overall design concepts.

Not Checking Load Time

Some people who build their own websites or use generic website design templates rather than hiring a professional graphic designer fail to verify the load time of their sites. Each page should be quick to load. Your visitor may not be able to wait to view your page if this is not the case.

Many design components can slow down the load speed, and there are methods that a professional can assist you in optimizing it so that your sites have all of the elements you require without taking 30 seconds to load for clients with poorer connections.

Unclear Navigation

People frequently overlook the fact that while each page should be able to stand alone, it should also be connected to the rest of the site. Someone may arrive on your main page, which may provide easy navigation through the sales process, but search engines may also direct them to another page on your site. People should be able to figure out how to get further into your site, how to get to a contact or about us page, or how to get to the ‘purchase now’ page by having obvious navigation on each page of your site. Graphic designers who specialise in e-commerce web design will collaborate with you to create a one-of-a-kind design that guides visitors around the site and encourages them to make a purchase.

Visitors’ Information Isn’t Being Captured

People that come to your website may not be ready to buy right now. Is their information captured on your website so you may contact them in the future? You can’t do this without their consent, therefore add a sign-up offer in your design components. If you can persuade someone to opt in, you’ll have a better chance of converting more consumers into customers, even if it won’t happen right away. Many website owners fail to account for this in their web design, and as a result, just a small fraction of their visitors generates revenue.

Leaving it Static

Hiring a graphic designer to design and build their website is a huge error that a lot of website owners do. Then they leave everything alone. Sure, your site may look beautiful, but if you want a constant stream of visitors from search engines, you’ll have a better chance of doing so if you provide material on a regular basis. Consult your web designer about adding a blog, a newsletter, and other aspects to your website that will be updated on a regular basis. This will aid in traffic generation and the development of a relationship with those who subscribe to your site.

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