5 WordPress Game Plugins to Increase the Fun Factor of Your Website

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We’ll look at 5 easy WordPress game plugins that you can quickly integrate into your website or blog in this post.

We’ll also look at several alternative on-site gaming possibilities outside of the WordPress directory, as well as investigate why games are so addicting and strong.

Don’t be fooled: in addition to being engaging and exciting, on-site games may also assist build brand recognition, improve SEO, and generate more traffic.

Knowing how to use them appropriately is the key.

But first, let’s play a game of our own and look at some easy and enjoyable WordPress game plugins you can use right now on your website or blog.

5 WordPress Game Plugins We Recommend:

  1. Word Search Puzzles Game

Word Search Puzzles Game is a plugin that lets you create your own word search game and put it on any page of your website.

You know how the game works, whether you name it word find, word search, or whatever you call it in your neck of the woods. You’ve got a list of words to discover among a mess of letters.

It’s also really simple to set up.

Give your word search a name, then add the terms that people will need to locate. You can add as many as you like; the more you add, the more difficult and time-consuming the game becomes:

You may then adjust the game’s complexity and pick which directions the words will flow in, as well as whether or not to display the game’s instructions.

You may choose whether to use capital and lowercase characters together. Finally, if people have successfully completed your word search, you can add a brief congratulatory message.

After you’ve completed all of this, grab your game’s shortcode and paste it onto the proper page.

And with that, you’ve created a fun little word search that visitors can play on your website.

  1. Dinosaur Game

This next game plugin is similar to the dinosaur running game “Chrome Dino,” which displays when you browse a page on Chrome while unplugged from the Internet.

This plugin allows you to embed the popular dinosaur game on your WordPress site.

The game is simple to play: use the spacebar to begin and leap, and the down arrow to crouch. The goal of the game is to dodge and leap over as many obstacles as possible for as long as possible. At the same time, your score rises.

All you have to do to include this game on your website is install the plugin and then put the [dinosaur-game] shortcode where you want it to appear.

  1. WHA Puzzle

WHA Puzzle, on the other hand, is a plugin that adds a unique puzzle to your website for people to put together as quickly as possible.

You may pick any image or photo from your collection, and this plugin will turn it into a puzzle by slicing it into several parts.

When it comes to reassembling and installing your puzzle, the procedure is simple.

Begin by giving your puzzle a title and modifying parameters such as the number of horizontal and vertical puzzle pieces, as well as the colour of the canvas behind your puzzle and the image’s opacity.

Also, don’t forget to provide a featured picture, which in this case is your puzzle’s image.

After that, copy the shortcode, paste it into a page, and you’re good to go.

You’re set to start after you’ve placed your puzzle shortcode anywhere on your website.

You’ll note that the finished result includes a timer, allowing users to compete against themselves to complete the problem as rapidly as possible.

  1. WHA Crossword

The fourth and final game plugin on our list comes from the WHA team (thanks for all your help with the WordPress game plugins team!).

We’ve already got the word search, so the crossword can’t be long behind.

For the two (or three?) persons who don’t know how a crossword puzzle works… A crossword is a word puzzle made up of squares in a rectangular grid. The goal of the game is to solve the clues and fill the white squares with letters and words.

WHA Crossword allows you to build and embed your own interactive crossword puzzle on your website. It’s as simple to put up as the other WHA inventions on this list.

You’ll see a page with easy settings when you’ve installed and enabled the plugin.

Begin by giving your crossword a name, and then input the clues and words you want to include in it.

Change the appearance and feel of your crossword puzzle.

You may also customise the appearance of your crossword by changing the colours and highlighting correct and wrong answers.

Finally, much like in the other WHA games, you can send users a personalised congratulations message.

Your crossword will be ready to use after you paste the shortcode into an appropriate place of your website.

Then all you have to do is copy and paste your shortcode link, and you’re done! On your website or blog, you have a crossword puzzle.

  1. Asteroids Widget

Okay, I understand that being prejudiced in an article isn’t a good idea… But I have to say, this last game is my personal favourite.

This plugin/widget quickly transforms your entire website into an Asteroids game. allowing you to fly about and literally damage your website’s contents

Of course, it won’t completely erase your website’s content… All will be back to normal if you press escape or reload the page.

Once you’ve installed and enabled the plugin, just drag and drop the Asteroids widget into a website like any other widget.

Asteroids may be added just like any other widget.

You’ll be able to make more modifications once you’ve completed this.

Add a title to the widget, a description, and change components like the button wording, for example.

Make a few tweaks to your Asteroids widget.

You may add the Asteroids game to any website by entering the [asteroids] shortcode, in addition to using widgets.

Once you’ve completed this, you’re ready to let users wreck your website.

Take a look.

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